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When Gaëtan Bigo was a child he used to go every year in Spain for holidays with his family.
This passion for Spain never left him and Spain is like his second country.

Nowadays, we work in the followings Spanish Regions:

V. de la Tierra

We work with several wineries based in the South of Spain (Mancha and between Madrid and Valencia). Together with them we can offer a large range of wines under different brands with great value for money.


We work with 2 wineries. One is specialized in Sparkling wines. Together with them we produce a lightly sparkling Moscato and as well a Sparkling Rosado. We work as well with another winery where we produce still red wines.



Our partnership in this D.O. started 4 years ago. D.O. Yecla is a very interesting region because of its very dry climate. Moreover it’s quite cold in Winter but very warm in Summer.

We maintly produce red wines using Monastrell varietals (Mourvèdre).

We sells wines in 31 countries


Situated at the North East of Spain (near Barcelona), sparkling wines (Cava) and as well still wines are produced in D.O. Penedes. We work with a winery which is owned by the same family for more than 150 years. The owner is as well the winemaker of the Bodega (winery).



Situated near the D.O. Toro, Rueda wines are mainly produced with Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc. These white wines are fruity and aromatic.


It’s impossible to talk about Spanish wines without talking about Rioja wines. There we work with a big winery with which we have developed a range of excellent wines (Joven, Crianza and Reserva).

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