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Based in Bordeaux, we have excellent and strong relations with wine producers (Châteaux and Caves) in different appellations of Bordeaux area (A.O.C. Bordeaux red or white, A.O.C. Médoc, A.O.C. Saint Emilion, etc….).
Together with the winemakers, we participate to the blending of the wines in order to get exactly the quality we want to offer to our customers.

We can as well supply Classified Growths (Crus Classés).


This area of South of France is the region in which we saw the biggest wine quality evolution for the last 20 years. We work with several producers in different appellations (A.O.C. Corbières, A.O.C. Faugères, A.O.C. Cabardès, etc….).

We have as well a very close partnership with one of the biggest producers of I.G.P. and also connections with Organic wines producers in Languedoc.

Cotes du Rhône

In this beautiful region of France we work with a company which was created 70 years ago. They are the company specialized in Côtes du Rhône. Together with their winemakers we make our own blends which represent the best style of CdR.

We can supply Classified Growths (Crus Classés)


Sparkling wines produced in the area of Champagne are the most famous sparkling wines known in the world. We work for almost 15 years, with 2 producers. One is based near Reims on a famous area called “la Montagne de Reims” and the second one is based in the small village of Avize in the heart of the second famous area of Champagne called “la Côte des Blancs”.



This region situated at the East of France (near Germany and Switzerland), is known for the excellent white wines they produce (Riesling, Gewurztraminer) but as well for the elegant and fruity red wines made from Pinot grapes. Our partner in Alsace produces high quality wines in limited volumes but he is recognized as one of the best producers from Alsace.


This region is known for the excellent rosé wines they produce. Of course we can offer them to you but as well really good quality of red and white wines. Moreover this region is one of the most beautiful in France (French Riviera with the famous cities of Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez)….

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