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Our Company - Our Philosophy

We do not buy bulk wine to bottle it, but we “make” it!

Created in early 2000, Vineyards & Partners (V&P) policy was and is still to work on long terms basis with wine producers.

Since 2001, Vineyards & Partners works hand by hand with different wine producers in France, Spain and Italy.

Our main difference compare to other “négociants” is that we control 100% of the wines we sell.

Gaëtan Bigo

Founder and CEO of V&P

Gaëtan Lefeuvre

Asia Pacific Sales Manager

We control 100% of the wines we sell

Our Activities

V&P sells wines in 31 countries and we export more than 2,5 million bottles.

V&P looks after sales and marketing which allow the producers to spend more time in their vineyard and winery improving the quality of their wines.

Gaëtan Bigo is as well involved in the quality of the wines in participating to the blending. Indeed, he advises producers to make a wine as V&P’s customers are expecting.

In 2012, we opened an office in China (Guangzhou), where Mr Gaetan Lefeuvre develop the sales for Asian Markets.


In Vineyards and partners, we are always happy to bring our support to our partners all over the world. We organize many wine tastings with our importers and our winemakers, to help introduce our wines to the customers all over the world.

Together with the producers, we control everything from the vineyards to the bottling :
Picking the grapes
Bottling the wines in the producer facilities
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